Investing in Digital Art – Crypto Art

Investing in Digital Art – Crypto Art

Investing in Digital Art – Crypto Art

Digital art has long been slowly creeping into the same level of popularity as physical visual art. But to most art fans, the same level of appreciation could not be shared. With everything going on in the modern world and everything becoming technologically advanced digital art and investing are becoming quite a journey to witness. Together with cryptocurrency, these two work together well as investment opportunities.

As an example of how popular investing in digital art has become, a digital art piece named ‘Everydays – The First 5,000 Days’ by artist Mike Winkelmann is a well-deserved piece that sold for a record $69.3 million. This is the most expensive digital art that has ever been sold and the 3rd most expensive art sold by a living artist.

Digital art, also known as NFTS, is purchased by art investors around the world with the use of either real money or cryptocurrency. These pieces are seen as digital assets with blockchain verification and certification.

With the digital art market showing a 299% growth since 2020, it’s no wonder that you can get the best casino bonus offers from online casinos that are allowing their players to pay with cryptocurrency. Most NFT purchases are also made with the use of cryptocurrency, showing these three digital moneymakers as the latest investment to consider.

As with digital art investment platforms, online gambling platforms have also proven to be one of the strongest online business modules in today’s world. Art and entertainment are definitely shown as the leaders in taking the world by storm with the use of online activity.

With both gambling and art investment showing the possibility of receiving a good return, online casinos are based more on chance than on investing in art. However, with digital art, the chance is also there that the market may not be lasting forever.

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