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Blog Roll

In the art world, it is essential to stay up to date on all the latest artists that are emerging, not the scene. These blogs provide all the details needed for investors, collectors, and admirers of Australian and international art.

Frankie Magazine –

Frankie’s online magazine brings art lovers the latest in Australian and international art, culture and other creative activist and lifestyle elements. The perfect blog for fun information and fact regarding different types of art, artists, and visual artistic methods.

Art Guide Australia –

Art Guide is your gateway to contemporary Australian art. They assist in making the most of any admirer’s time when exploring new galleries, art, artists, and investments in art. They provide details on all the latest exhibitions and even provide photos and videos of the most recent pieces that are being showcased at exhibitions. The blog releases up to articles each week about art and galleries in Australia.

Access Arts Blogs –

Access Arts is seen as a leader in the arts and cultural sector and the development of emerging artists. They provide knowledge on mentorships and employment of professional artists that are facing challenges with disabilities and other disadvantages. The blog was established in 2015 with a dedicated passion for promoting emerging artists in Australia.

Streets of Melbourne –

The streets of Melbourne are filled with colourful street art, public art, installations, and art galleries that pride themselves on being based in Melbourne. This bog provides photos and other details on the type of street art you can expect when travelling through Melbourne.

Visit these blogs regularly for the latest news about upcoming art exhibits and artists who are making a name with their art. By visiting these blogs, anybody will be able to not only learn about art news but also be informed on how art is being promoted and advertised in Australia.

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